Commercial cleaning services in South Devon

Our Cleaning Methods

Window cleaning at height using water-fed pole

Window cleaning at height using water-fed pole


Window cleaning is carried out using the most up-to-date water-fed pole technology, giving a high-quality clean all around the glass and frame.

We can clean to a height of 70 ft using the latest carbon modular pole system. This is lightweight and less strain to the user, especially at difficult angles, ensuring less risk of damage to roof tiles/slates when cleaning skylights. The traditional squeegee method is also an option and all staff are trained to use both.

Gutters, fascias, cladding

The water-fed pole system is also the ideal for cleaning uPVC gutters, fascias and cladding, removing the need for ladders or other costly access equipment.

Pressure washing

With our high-reach pressure washing poles we can reach a height of 40 ft, again removing the need for costly access equipment. This is ideal on fabricated or cladded buildings as well as masonry. Driveways, paved areas, decking and similar surfaces are also cleaned, with any affected areas cleaned afterwards. Gutters and fascias can also be tackled with this method.

Gutter clearing

We can clear your gutters using the latest high-reach vacuum systems, and we can also offer inspection using a remote camera attached to the high-reach system.